Image Enhancements

School Matte
Your School Name and Logo will appear.
Shown with a color image, yet black and white and sepia tone also look good.
Burnt Edge Matte
(Image has a burnt edge with a white border)
Shown with a sepia toned print, black & white and color images also look good.
Keyline Border Matte
(A thin black line is placed between the image and a white border)
Shown with black & white image but, color and sepia tone look good as well.
Name ID
(Your name and graduation year are placed as above)
Shown with a color image yet available with, blace & white, sepia tone or any border matte.
Sepia Tone
(The image is given an antique look as shown)
Shown full frame with no border matte.
Black & White
(The image is printed in true black and white)
Shown full frame with no border matte.
All images are given a general retouch for blemishes and to soften lines. We do offer a major retouch to remove stray hairs, whiten teeth, remove moles, open eyes, diminish double chins, or to replace and exchange features.

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